The ROI of Operationalizing Data To Boost Customer Success Results
Customer experience leaders are understandably focused on improving their customer retention rates — not only because they value their current customers, but because they also want to boost recurring spend and client referrals. They can reach these goals more effectively with a data-driven approach to customer and operational insights.

In this new global research report sponsored NICE inContact, Aberdeen surveyed 405 businesses regarding the key trends and objectives driving their customer experience (CX) programs to find out how data-driven customer success programs allow firms to tailor how they manage each customer journey. They found firms using data-driven customer success programs outpace those that don’t in year-over-year (YoY) improvement of operational outcomes and observed how successful CSM programs incorporated automation where appropriate and orchestrated employees across the business to deliver a seamless customer experience across all departments.

Download the full report to learn:
  • Which measurable business KPIs improved after firms adopted a data-driven customer success program
  • How and why service costs decrease upon deployment of a data-driven customer success program
  • What steps organizations can take to operationalize customer insights and move toward a data-driven customer success program
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